Scania Wheel Nuts
Jan 18th, 2010 by Fat Bastard

Still a bit skint after beering myself up over Christmas I did a Google for one of those stupidly-high-interest short term loans to keep me in cake ’til payday. Found and was drawn to the picture on the main page of the site.
Maybe it’s me, but is the bird in this pic knickerless? It’s hard to tell, but I’m pretty sure that she is indeed flashing the gash!

Hooray, I got a loan to buy some underwear

Need cash? Flash your gash!

Sometimes though a little clothing on a girl can be just as interesting.

Extreme camel-toe and Scania wheel-nut nipples

Or even just plain practical!

Wifey material

Never forget though, women can be bitches. Last night she forced me to watch a programe on BBC – Murder, alcoholism, gratuitous violence, abortion, drug abuse, sexual infidelity, general mental cases…
Actually though, I must admit Eastenders did get quite interesting in parts. See the picture of Minty, below.

Eastenders Minty poses in Heathers silk panties

Snow Joke!
Jan 15th, 2010 by Fat Bastard

Sad to hear about the Haiti earthquake – Apparently when the dust settles, Gordon Brown’s sending over £6 million in aid… And a plane load of Scousers to teach the survivors how to loot properly.

At least they didn’t have the snow we had here in England. I woke up one morning to a good 8 inches!

A longggggg drive home

Jeremy Clarkson tries to avoid being spotted in his new car

So fucking cold here I’m thinking about taking a holiday – Just a bit wary of those so called ‘naked’ body scanner xray type things that are gonna get installed in every airport.

De-pervertised xray pic

De-pervertised xray pic

I’m no pervert, but if I was, I’d take the original xray pic, load it into PhotoShop, and click on the invert button…
As if by magic, instant wanking material.

Pervertised! WTF would we do without Photoshop?

After a night on the beer and smoke, I felt a little horse when I got home…

A good ride?

A good ride?

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