Goodbye Foxy :(
December 5th, 2009 by Fat Bastard

Amanda Knox guilty? Guilty of giving me a hard on everytime I saw her on TV maybe, but that’s about all.
I can’t help but imagine 26 years in a womens prison… fuck I’m gettin’ a boner again!

Anyway, whilst on the subject of prick-pleasers, I spotted this bikini shot of Emma Watson doing the rounds – Spoilt though by two things… (1) The bikini, and (2) If you squint a little bit it looks like she’s got some sort of animals cock.

Emma Watson, over-dressed.

Emma Watson, over-dressed.

What to do with all the used condoms you’ve thrown under the bed after the event?
Simple. Turn fashion guru and have her model the next catwalk phenomena.

condom skirt

One size fits all

Ugliest picture I’ve seen all week…

There's a fine line between living with these man-boobs and suicide

There's a fine line between living with man-boobs and suicide

And not the ugliest picture I’ve seen all week…

She's board

She's board

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