Rage against the Simon Cowell Machine
December 20th, 2009 by Fat Bastard

RATM verses Joe McElderry… ‘Bullying’ says X-Factor multi-millionaire Simon Cowell.
Bullying? This coming from the smug twat who’s reduced dozens of youngsters to tears with his needlessly cruel comments.
‘Scowell’ planned the X Factor final to finish a week before the Christmas charts so the winner can flood the music market and win the prized number one spot over the holiday period. Rage Against The Machine have, with the backing of (for once a sensible) Facebook campain, thrown a much deserved spanner in the Cowell works. Wicked:)
I’ve never paid for a single download in my life. Until this week. A week that’s seen Cowell’s sterile pop monopoly stopped in it’s tracks. The race to the top of UK charts has become exciting again.
Killing in the name is a shit hot rock track. The Climb is just shit.

Congrats to RATM on your UK number one this Christmas 🙂

Out Rage - Simon Cowell

Out-Rage-d - Simon Cowell

There’s no better eye candy than a cute naked girl…

Yummy! Wrap her up for Christmas

Yummy! Wrap her up for Christmas

But always look twice before you whip your cock out!

girl boy


Anyway, whilst on the subject of animals, my girlfriend was gonna fork  £100 of my hard earned at the vets today… After a long illness our faithful old mongrel has to be put to sleep.
Unfortunately, while she was in bed last night, it accidentally ate 60 paracetamol tablets, and drank half a bottle of vodka. Clumsy old thing.

Fuck a Duck

Fuck a Duck

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