Snow Joke!
January 15th, 2010 by Fat Bastard

Sad to hear about the Haiti earthquake – Apparently when the dust settles, Gordon Brown’s sending over £6 million in aid… And a plane load of Scousers to teach the survivors how to loot properly.

At least they didn’t have the snow we had here in England. I woke up one morning to a good 8 inches!

A longggggg drive home

Jeremy Clarkson tries to avoid being spotted in his new car

So fucking cold here I’m thinking about taking a holiday – Just a bit wary of those so called ‘naked’ body scanner xray type things that are gonna get installed in every airport.

De-pervertised xray pic

De-pervertised xray pic

I’m no pervert, but if I was, I’d take the original xray pic, load it into PhotoShop, and click on the invert button…
As if by magic, instant wanking material.

Pervertised! WTF would we do without Photoshop?

After a night on the beer and smoke, I felt a little horse when I got home…

A good ride?

A good ride?

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