That’ll be the Daewoo
Oct 13th, 2009 by Fat Bastard

The British are so fucking PC. If we’d have landed on the moon first we’d have put up a sign saying ‘caution uneven surface’. Everythings got to be just perfect. That’s what makes it soooo fuckin’ good when out of the blue you spot something that ain’t.

This guy photographs his motor for ebay while the silly tart next door flashes her tits for a laugh.

Who’s laughing now love? Matey got a shit load of hits to his listing, his Daewoo sold for £499 more than the £1 it was worth, and the whole world now knows you’re a scrubber. Wicked;)

That'll be the Daewoo!

Worth £500? That'll be the Daewoo!

eBays had a couple of gems this week in fact, or in this case not a gem as such, but ‘Funky Fashion Jewellery’. Of course I didn’t know what the beads were used for until I read about Stephen Gately’s demise!

Funky Fashion Fuck Beads... Wear them with Pride!

Funky Fashion Fuck Beads... Wear them with Pride!

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