GaGa GooGoo
Mar 14th, 2010 by Fat Bastard

Top Skank Lady GaGa gets her kit off again, this time in an attempt to prove conclusively that ‘she’ doesn’t have a dick – Ummm, not convinced.

This pic snatched from her banned video for ‘Telephone’, featuring Beyonce (for some reason) has actually had the all important juicy bits blurred out. So, not proof at all.

Lady GaGa's visual interpretation of Alexander Graham Bell's communication device, the Telephone.

Nice tits though , even if ‘she’ does one day turn out to be a bloke.
You can download the (semi) uncensored, Banned Lady GaGa and Beyonce Video here, but it’s really not worth wanking over.
Although maybe she was, once…

Lady GaGa

Stefani Germanotta... Before she went GaGa

Mix up the letters in the words ‘large breasts’ and they become a perfect anagram of ‘great braless’. Fascinating uh?

Great rack - Park your bike material

Baby Ass

Baby blooper

On BBC news this week…. ‘Baby born to a brain dead woman’
I’m not really sure why that’s news. That shit happens every day on council estates all over the country.
But talking of mingers, you know you’re a fat ugly bitch when you walk past a site and the builders shout, “Show us your personality!”

f'kin ugly

3 Headed girl seeks blind guy with 3 dicks

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