Emma Watson Naked – Fuck Global Warming!
Oct 20th, 2009 by Fat Bastard

Some clever cunt Scientists discovered that typing a single search query in Google uses the half the amount of energy as boiling a kettle. So searching for ‘energy saving tips’, connects to so many datacentres around the world that it produces 7g of the greenhouse gas, C02.

So, in theory then, if I cut down on my searches for ‘Emma Watson naked’, then maybe the earth’s coal and oil resources won’t run out in 50 years after all.

On second thoughts, I’ll be to old to care then. Emma, come to daddy….

Emma Watson Naked

Emma Watson Increases Global Warming

Lady GaGa had her tits out in public again the other day, which is always nice.
Shame about the face though.

Going GaGa - Nice tits, Shame about the face.

Going GaGa - Nice tits, Shame about the face.

Stoopid question of the day… Is BNP leader Nick Griffin racist?
Stoopid answer of the day… No.


Nick Griffin looking for Kyle. See Kyle anyone?

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