Fat Bastard Exclusive! Britney Spears Bares Her Soul (etc.)
May 14th, 2011 by Fat Bastard

Britney Spears, yea I know, she’s no Rihanna, and she ain’t a patch on Beyonce either (or Christina or Katy Perry for that matter).
But anyway, here she is, baring her soul (and stuff) in the most controversial, but openly honest interview she’s done for weeks.

Interview compiled by Fat Bastard
Photography by Mike Oxlong

Fat Bastard – Britney, I would like to know how a beautiful young girl like yourself deals with the tremendous pressure of international superstardom. Don’t you ever feel burnt out?

Britney Spears

Britney Spears...

Britney Spears – Shit No, I just love being famous – it’s a fucking carnival ride man, an’ I’m doin’ just great!!!

FB – That’s good to hear, what’s your secret?

Britney Spears Doin' Just Great

Doin' Just Great!

BS – Well lets see… I’m on drugs most of the time. That helps. I’ve started shooting guns, an shit. I’m always pissed as a fuckin’ fart. Oh yea, and my new boyfriend (Jason Trawick) fucks like an animal!

FB – So your not against drugs then? In previous statements you’ve always said…

BS – Fuck man! I’m not supposed to talk ’bout that! My lawyers gonna be so pissed off at me. Want some breakfast? Don’t be shy…I’m having some anyway. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, drugs are bad. Don’t do that shit!
Next fucking question please!



FB – There’s been a lot of… Er, sorry Britney, I can see your… You might like to cover your, er, self! Your, er, ahemmm is showing!!



BS – What this old thing, fuck man every guy on the planet’s seen my bacon! Hey, didn’t you go down on me in my last interview? Or was it some other guy? No, I’m sure it was you… You’ve got a small dick, right?

This old thing?

This old thing?

FB – I think you must have me confused with someone else!

BS – Oh yeah big boy! Why don’t you an that cute guy with the camera have ourselves a good old fashioned threesome right here on the floor then?

Yeah, Big Boy!

Yeah, Big Boy!

Fat Bastard – Well, I really don’t know if…SURE!!!

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