Nice Shoes, but don’t Fart
Jan 29th, 2011 by Fat Bastard

Been some time since the last update.
Apart from being a lazy Fat Bastard there IS a reason …It started when I was arguing with some clever cunt that shoplifting and burglary was perfectly acceptable.  For example, if you had a serious alcohol problem and needed beer tokens. Seems reasonable to me. A guy’s gotta drink beer, right?
Anyway, seems like some Judges never agree with common sense and the twat gave me 18 fuckin’ months!

Oh well, now back to buying my own food, paying rent, council tax, leccy bills and stuff.
Shit, wheres my crow bar.

Prison Taxi


Got a lot to catch up on …Seems that in Football sexism is a biy of a Gray area.

Sian Massey 'Linesman'

Sian Massey, or as she's now known 'Just for Men' ...Use once to get rid of Gray.

You couldn’t say I was sexist , I love women. I reckon every guy should have at least three.
Not sure about babies though. I like ’em, but I couldn’t eat a full one.

Put em up

Puddum erp, puddum erp

Baby Hooters

Hmmmm, Hooters - Like Father like son

That is daddy’s thumb, right??

Thought for the day:
When you’re sat on a bus, head set on, iPod volume top whack – REMEMBER …Your farts are only silent to yourself!

And talking about farting…

Black Ass

Boring Christmas? Your talkin' out your arse.

Nice shoes.

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