iPad – The irishmans iPod
Feb 5th, 2010 by Fat Bastard

John Terry’s wife admit’s she has no grudges against him or celebrity bike Vanessa Perroncel over their affair. To prove it she’s bought them both a toyota.

Meanwhile Ashley Cole was pulled over doing 98mph in a 30 zone.
When quizzed by the old bill as to why he was driving so fast he replied, “l’ve just heard John Terry is parked outside my house!”

The car in front is a Toyota - 'Cos it can't fucking stop!

The ipad, It’s like inventing the wheel then a year later saying ”Hey, look, I’ve Invented a bigger wheel”

Apparently Apple’s Steve Jobs was repeatedly told to reconsider the iPad’s name due to it conjuring up images of sanitary pads.
His reply was simple – “The average Mac user doesn’t even know what a vagina is, never mind a fucking tampax.”

iPad. There's a flap for that

Girls are finally embracing modern technology and deciding it’s a great idea to take a digital camera into the bathroom. Hoorah 🙂

'Self Shooting' is a natural pastime that should be positively encouraged...


Wide angle lens required

They reckon peoples surnames came from the jobs that their ancestors had. Smith being a Blacksmith for example.
Personally, I’ve always been concerned about people called Dickinson!

And talking about jobs, I dug out a pic of the head at my old school, Mr Dick.

Personally I wouldn't even leave the house with a haircut that bad

After 12 pints of Stella ‘wife beater’ Artois I finally decided to stop drinking when I stared at the picture below…
And it looked normal!

Stella Artois - Putting women in their place since 1833

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