Tiger becomes a Lion Cheetah
December 1st, 2009 by Fat Bastard

Elin Nordegren’s as fit as – So why the fuck would Tiger Woods ever want to play away from home? Yeh OK, waitress Jaimee Grubbs, ten years his junior and also fit as, fair play.
You gotta feel for him though. His misses clocks his txt’s and beats the fuck out of him. He’s so shit scared he runs out of his house and jumps in his motor to escape the mad bitch.

Then, she chases him down the drive and he’s so dazed from her having slapped him around that he meets up with a tree and fire hydrant at high speed.  Ouch.
Pyscho wife catches up and then proceeds to smash his car up with his own golf club. But, to cap it all, he’s now been charged by the old bill and faces a fine of up to $180.

Christ, glad I’m not a Billionaire playboy with the worlds cushiest job!

Just playin' around

Just playing 'around'

Talking of sport, but good sports this time, 19 yr old Anita Fillet (prob not her real name) sent me a pictue of her tits. Thanks slut.

Which one's she talkin' about?

Which one's she talkin' about?

She also sent me a ‘pervert test’ pic – Look through the camera strap. Obviously, I see an armpit – What about you?

Three girls in a bedroom. Christmas and birthday in one.

Three girls in a bedroom. Christmas and birthday in one.

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